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Human Resources

"In my book, we have no greater asset than the quality of our intellectual capital, and no greater priority than the growth and retention of our vast pool of talent" – Anil Dhirubhai Ambani

At Reliance - Anil Dhirubhai Amabani Group, we recognise the critical role that our people play in the success and growth of each of our businesses. It is the skill and initiative of our workforce that sets us apart from our peers in today's knowledge-driven economy. It is their commitment and dedication that lends us the competitive edge, and helps us stay ahead of the curve.

Our strong team of professionals is among the youngest in the country, and consists of some of the most dynamic, motivated and qualified individuals to be found anywhere in the world. First-rate management graduates, highly trained engineers, top-notch financial analysts and razor sharp accountants—we have on our rolls some of the brightest minds in the business.

Our Mission

Our transparent HR policies and robust processes are driven by a single overarching objective: To attract, nurture, grow and retain the best leadership talent in every sector and industry is which we operate.

Our aim is to create a team of world beaters that is:

  • Committed to excellence in quality,
  • Focused on creation and enhancement of stakeholder value
  • Responsive to evolving business needs and challenges
  • Dedicated to uphold the core values of the Group

Our Promise

In order to achieve our objective, we offer our people...

  • Growth opportunities to expand leadership capabilities
  • True meritocracy and freedom to choose career paths
  • Opportunities to develop and hone leadership and functional capabilities
  • An entrepreneurial environment where people can pursue their dreams
  • Competitive compensation

In addition, we follow a well-defined Rewards & Recognitions programme that periodically identifies exceptional individual and team achievers among the various business functions and verticals in the Group.

Our Expectations

At Reliance - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, we encourage our colleagues to take leadership, at all levels of the organisation, and participate in accelerating growth of our businesses to build a formidable enterprise.

Leaders in Reliance - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group are expected to…

  • Always keep the customers' needs in mind and constantly innovate
  • Execute flawlessly and with speed
  • Sustain and strengthen the group's spirit of entrepreneurship—taking ownership and accountability for their actions
  • Leverage synergies to learn and build on the diverse experiences and skill sets of our various businesses and teams
  • Create a true meritocracy with a pervasive commitment to transparent systems and processes
  • Do all this with unquestionable Integrity to ensure total compliance with the laws of the land