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Bill Related Complaints

Quickly register following complaints:

  • 1
    High Consumption

    If large and erratic variations are observed in your consumption

  • 2
    Stopped Meter

    If meter is not recording consumption despite usage of energy (i.e. stopped)

  • 3
    Correction in Name & Address

    You can request for correction in name and address along with necessary supporting documents.

  • 4
    Request for Disconnection of Electric Supply

    Customers can request for disconnection of their electric supply (only after clearing all the dues pending on their meter) if their premises is going to remain vacant for a substantial time.

  • 5
    Refund of Security Deposit

    After disconnection of supply on request, customers can request for a refund of the security deposit paid by them. However, customers have to clear all their dues up to the date of meter disconnection. The request for refund should be accompanied with the original receipt of Security deposit for which refund is to be claimed.

  • 6
    Other bill related complaints

    Details needed for registering complaints

    • Customer number mentioned in your bill
    • Telephone No.(s)

    How can I register my complaints?

    For billing complaints you can also reach us through
    • Our IVR telephone number 1800 200 3030 OR 19122 (Multilingual)
    • Through letter addressed to Division head (Business) of the respective division.
    • Through personal visit to respective Divisional Customer Care Centre.

  • RInfra MYT Order Jn. of Shankar Lane & S V Road,
    Kandivali (West),Mumbai 400 067
    Pawan Putra Building,
    Ghoddev Phatak (Near railway crossing), Kashi Mira Road,
    Bhayander (East) , Thane - 401 101
  • You can also contact our Corporate Office located at:
    Reliance Energy,
    Devidas Lane, Off SVP Road,
    Near Devidas Lane, Telephone Exchange,
    Borivali (W), Mumbai - 400103
  • You are always welcome to call up our Call centre at 1800-200-3030 (Toll Free)
  • You can send us e-mail at