Reliance DTH Service Provider Scope of Work

The scope of work of the Service Provider under this project shall include:

Installation of service
This would include indenting and sourcing of material from Reliance, transportation to the customer site, carrying out wiring from dish antenna to customer’s premises & STB from the nearest available / most feasible location to the customer premises, installation of STB, Dish & LNB, testing of line of sight, services & equipment, ensuring customer has Reliance customer care numbers,  and following up with customer within 24 hours of installation.

Demonstration of the Product
This includes explaining user manuals; demonstrate use of services / features to the customer in detail up to customer satisfaction after Installation

Service Assurance Post Delivery and Termination
This includes resolving customer complaints within SLAs stipulated by Reliance, escalating service related complaints within stipulated escalation times if the complaint is not resolvable by Service Provider, and collecting service equipment and other material from customer’s premises on customer termination and remit the same to Reliance.

Document Signing & Customer Sign up
This includes assisting customer in filling CAF & collecting the necessary documents including signed work order after Successful completion of Installation of the Equipment & sending the documents to place designated by Reliance within specified time frame.

Recruitment / Training

This would include ensuring sufficient number of service engineers are employed for carrying out service installations including in building wiring, ducting, casing and capping, service equipment installation, complaint handling and fault resolution, operation and maintenance of equipment. The Service Provider also has to ensure that all personnel employed are sufficiently trained for Reliance provided services / products with the help of Reliance.

Inventory and Logistics

The Service Provider is responsible for material issued by Reliance, indenting and obtaining required quantities of material for service installation from Reliance, maintaining sufficient quantities of all material including acquisition forms so as to provide un-interrupted services to customers. The Service Provider is also responsible for month end physical verification and reconciliation of all material in his custody and submission of reports to Reliance.